A Positive Mindset: Dalia Saafan at TEDxCairoWomen

ToSeCo Consulting proudly presents Dalia Saafan Partner & Head of coaching department of Edge Consultants  our general representative

Dalia Saafan is an international certified trainer and life coach with more than 7 years of full time coaching experience, coaching almost more than 3,500 people. She graduated from the Faculty of commerce, Cairo University, English Section, with a bachelor degree in business administration. Then she got her MBA from the American university and her International Trainer certificate from Florida International University in USA. Dalia is also certified on Cultural Transformation Tools from the Barrett Values center in the USA. She is currently a Partner & Head of coaching department at Edge Consultants, one among the few corporations that its mission & sole purpose is to coach people to walk the talk; by reviving ethics and skills of individuals and societies alike.
Dalia has co-developed a very unique coaching program, it’s All About ME, a program that focuses on three main areas of coaching, corporate culture coaching, life coaching for individuals and youth coaching.
Dalia believes in the power of positive change, believing in yourself, being pro-active, being happy, as it will change your perception and good life will follow

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