The pioneer of personality models – Prof. John G. Geier

Prof. Dr. John G. Geier
Prof. John G. Geier is the founder of international advisor networks and is persolog’s licensor. He has been involved in researching competences in the area of work behavior for over 40 years. Moreover, Prof. Geier is the author and creator of the Personality Factor Model, which was first developed in its initial form in 1958. In his extraordinary career, Prof. Geier has held a number of influential positions: head of behavioral sciences at the University of Minnesota; guest professor at the University of Wisconsin; University of Arizona; extraofficial assistant professor at the Graduate School of Business at the University of Michigan, where he taught a large number of managers in the internationally recognized „Manager of Managers“ seminars. He is the author of numerous scientific works, amongst others Energetics of Personality, Career Fulfillment and Behavior Personality Analysis.

Prof. Geier draws on the model based on the behavioral dimensions D, I, S and C to explain human personality, taking inter- and intra-personal as well as social aspects into account. His original work builds on the work of William Moulten Marston (1893-1947). Prof. Geier’s intensive research reliably proved Marsten’s theory. Prof. Geier acquired the copyright to Dr. Marsten’s collected works. As a scientist, educator and manager, Prof. Dr. Geier has established the Personality Factor Profile as the flagship of his numerous evaluation instruments. He founded Performax Inc. as a learning company to publish evaluation instruments and develop training concepts, which have meanwhile benefitted over 40 million people world-wide. In the late 1970s, Performax Inc. was acquired by the Carlson Company, thus becoming the centre point of the newly founded Carlson Learning Center, which Prof. Geier headed as its first president and CEO.

As a result of his long-standing dissatisfaction with the limited usability of existing instruments, applicable to the workplace only, Prof. Geier founded Geier Learning Systems in 1990 – another major step forward. Since then he has developed an entire range of evaluation instruments based on the behavioral dimensions D, I, S and C.

As a pioneer in the world of personality models, Prof. Geier remains the creative source for advanced further development in this area of research. He continuously improves his model and has also incorporated descriptive, prescriptive and predicative factors.

The persolog GmbH will continue his life’s work in his spirit.