Certificate in comparison to participation certificate

Participation certificate:

participation certificate does only confirmation that you participated a training (Certificate of Completion of Training), course or workshop. This confirmation does not include any other rights as to validate your Participation.

Unfortunately the wording certificate is often used for a confirmation that you participated (Certificate of Completion of Training)


A certificate (Certification for the persolog Personality Factor Model) tend to be more than a Certificate of Completion of Training. It attests you the right to train other people with the named model.

If you successfully finish the training you are a certified trainer for the persolog® Personality Factor Model and you will have a lot of benefits:

  • The trainers case including a large selection of products based on the persolog® Personality Factor Model as well as :
    • Three seminar drafts including powerpoint presentations
    • Additional marketing material such as brochures and logos.
    • Complementing literature, profiles, checklists and Intendo card
    • More than 50 exercises
    • Theoretical background information,
  • Access to the persolog® online profiles for 24h service to your needs.
  • No minimum quantity required.
  • Immediate license for all material (prices for material .
  • Attractive trainer discounts for materials ( training materials including online profiles for your customers )
  • ……