Persolog StressmodellWork life and with productive stress

The persolog Stress Model

Stress is part of everyday work as the relaxation in the evening. What matters is whether you are exposed to positive or negative stress. The positive stress is not unpleasant. He is the driving force that is responsible for the success of the company ultimately responsible. Negative stress contrast ensures a bad mood, unproductive work and poor results.

By persolog Stress profile of  Prof. John G. Geier …

  • Analyze your current stress situation.
  • Identify your stressors.
  • Learn to transform the negative stress into positive.
  • Avoid uneasy stress in advance.

The persolog Stress profile consists of three parts: analysis, management and reflection.

Part I: The Stress Analysis

In the first part of the persolog Stress profile based on two questionnaires is your current stress situation and analyzed each major stress factors, called stressors identified. Therefore, first, the following basic questions must be answered:

  • What dose you are exposed to stress at the moment?
  • When this stress exceeds the limit of what you personally can accept?
  • How much stress you still drives, motivate and challenge you?
  • Which stress you should make yourself unavailable?

Part II: The Stress Management

In the second step will be to optimize their own skills, capabilities and resources, and in particular the personal attitude to stress. Based on your own stress behavior and stressors identified coping strategies are developed:

  • Stressors related strategies
  • Cognitive strategies
  • Social support / social networks
  • Oroblem-based strategies
  • Benefit-related strategies
  • Body-based strategies

Part III: Self-reflection

The final part of persolog Stress profile contains worksheets that will help you self-reflection. They consist of the following materials:

  • A stress protocol
  • A Stress Diary
  • An analysis of their own stress reactions

But that’s not all. The persolog stress profile is more. You also benefit from the following advantages:
Other advantages of persolog Stress Profile

  • They tackle the causes of stress and not just the symptoms of stress.
  • They analyze on a scientific basis in a few minutes your personal stressors in your professional context.
  • They develop long-term strategies for coping with stress.
  • You objectively determine your response to stress.
  • You will learn how to transform into productive non-productive stress.
  • To activate your resources.against stress

The persolog stress profile can also be used in many ways

The instrument persolog Stress Profile

The persolog Stress Profile is designed as a workbook that can be worked under the supervision of a coach or personnel managers, but also privately through self-study. The evaluation is performed in a fold analysis box and can be done without big round scroll