Persolog PersönlichkeitsmodellPersonal strength is no accident

The Personality Master Report

Successful people have made ​​it through personal development, their inner potential and their outward behavior with each other to reconcile. You know your strengths and your limitations and can even critical situations or conflicts at work and private lives with confidence. The persolog model describes human behavior in specific situations, with the aim to understand their own needs and those of others better.

With our self-analysis tools for your personal development, demPersönlichkeitstest persolog profile and behavior test persolog Behavioral Profile Create your own profile using a questionnaire and thus have the following options:

  • Recognize your personal strengths and limitations, you analyze your work style
  • Give yourself the one environment that supports your success most
  • Find out what contribution you can make in your organization
  • nonproduktiven avoid stress in the run.

The persolog profile consists of three parts (The Behavioral Analysis, Interpretations, Reflection) with seven levels of interpretation.

Part I: The Behavioral Analysis
The basis of the interpretation consists of two questionnaires with which behavior is determined in specific situations. The result is entered in three diagrams. Each of the diagrams is the basis for the interpretation of the data in various stages of interpretation.

Part II: Interpretations

Interpretation Level 1: Understanding behavioral dimensions

The first interpretation stage provides information about the prototypical behavior of the four personality dimensions and thus the primary personality tendency, so if someone is driven to dominant, initiative, steady or conscientious behavior.

Interpretation Level 2: Dealing with change

The second stage describes the interpretation behind the behavioral intentions. The goal of this discussion is to develop the ability to adapt the behavior to the requirements of the changing environments.

Interpretation Level 3: Personal beliefs

In the interpretation step 3 is made to the personal beliefs reference. The question being asked here is: What are your personal beliefs determine my actions and where they hinder successful action?

Interpretation Stage 4: Develop strategies for success

Interpretation level 4 shows the 20 mixtures behaviour. For each behavioural tendency in 13 steps will give information that is then evaluated by the test subject.

Interpretation level 5: Dealing with stress potential

Interpretation level 5 refers to intra-individual stress. With a comparative analysis of the level of stress is identified and determined the main stressors.

Interpretation level 6: Behavioural styles and choice of tasks

Interpretation with level 6, there is a change of subject. The first five levels of interpretation work on the topic „Effective action control“. With the sixth interpretation stage it was now about the behavioural traits dominant, initiative, continuous and conscientious of persolog model and the design and choice of tasks. From the behavioural strengths of results indicating new areas.

Interpretation level 7: Cooperation in the work teams

With the interpretation of the level 7 persolog profile is complemented by the aspect of teamwork.

Teil III: Reflection

Full course materials provide guidance to reflect the individual interpretations:

  • Behavioural adaptation by working on the intentions of using the cards Intendo
  • Action barriers to rethink and recognize
  • Conflict behaviour reflect
  • Intra individual stress locate and develop strategies to address
  • Fields rethink
  • Think through and analyse cooperation

If you persolog Personality Profile Add your portfolio, this is a real selling point, because the persolog profile is unique.

What is special about the persolog Personality Profile?

  • By the two questionnaires, the possibility is created to interpret the three graphs differ.
  • The persolog Personality Profile is based on the personal perception, and also displays on strategies for action.
  • The persolog Personality Profile and the underlying theory is not only continually checked statistically, but there will be a theoretical development of the construct.
  • In persolog profile contains further analysis, the guide for reflection.

But that’s not all. The persolog Personality Profile is more. You also benefit from the following advantages:

Other advantages of the persolog Personality Profile

  • You will learn the impact of the environment on their behavior and know to deal with the context of expectations.
  • They analyze on a scientific basis in a few minutes your behaviour in a given situation.
  • They develop long-term strategies for behaviour adaptation.
  • You objectively determine your action barriers.
  • You will learn how to identify intra-individual stress.
  • To activate your behavioural strengths and learn to manage the behaviour of weaknesses.

The persolog profile can also be used in many ways.

Typical applications for the persolog profile

  • Leadership Development
  • Sales training
  • Coaching
  • Team Training
  • Call Center
  • Conflict Management
  • Staff development

The instrument for personality development:
The persolog Personality Profile

The persolog Personality Profile is designed as a workbook that can be worked through, accompanied by a certified trainer or a staff developer with a focus on personal development.