The package for all with up to several hundred pagevies / day and more needs of users.


  • Shared Instance
    • own data can only be viewed by authorized
    • homepages with small to medium (some 100) visitors / day
    • Global settings can not be changed
  • Shared database (multiple customers on a database, your data is not visible to other clients)
  • Use the Piwik Analytics surface.
  • Reports by e-mail (self-defined)
  • 1 Administrator, for the data of your website (Read manage user rights, creating reports, tracking code, create your own Dashboard, look at data, ….)
  • 10 users (create your own report, create own dashboard, view data)


  • Creating Reporting by us
  • Installing the tracking code (must be by your web designer / webmaster done)
    We will send you the code to be built in.
  • Support


  • [currencyr amount=20 from=EUR to=EGP] ([currencyr amount=20 from=EUR to=EUR|USD]) excl. VAT/Month with annual payment
    => [currencyr amount=240 from=EUR to=EGP] ([currencyr amount=240 from=EUR to=EUR|USD]) excl. VAT / year with automatic renewal.


  • Written notice at least 1 month prior to expiration.
  • Upon termination before no costs are Refunded.