The Journey to your Inner SpacePersolog Persönlichkeitsmodell

or “The key to your future success”

We are living in a time of accelerated change. We also can call it “High-speed management”. Technological advances, economic developments and trends in our society have become less and less predictable while the half-life of knowledge becomes shorter and shorter.

Self-knowledge is the first step towards self-improvement.

So we would like to invite you on …….

“The Journey to your Inner Space”
or   “The key to your future success”


  • Why is Personality so Important ?The Journey to your Inner Space
    • The PERSOLOG Personality Factor Model
  • Who Am I ? – Who Are the Others ?
    • The Four Behavioral Styles
  • How to Use the Behavioral Styles to Become More Effective ?
    • Leadership
    • Sales: Communication with Customers
    • Teamwork
    •  Time Management
  • What Do I Have to Change ?
    • Developing My Personal Adaptability Strategy
  • Your Action Plan


  • Create Success in your Career – and in your Life !

Target group:

  • Manager
  • Employees
  • All persons who are interested in this subject


  • 2  days