Profound Basis for Personality Development

Certification for the persolog Personality Factor Model

persolog certified trainer
Nowadays, it is becoming increasingly important to work with people and to offer them assistance in responding to workplace requirements, especially in the area of soft skills.

With the persolog Personality Factor Model certification you have access to internationally recognized personality development instruments and products which decisively extend the services you can offer as a trainer and advisor.

Learning Goals

  • Participants are familiar with the persolog Personality Factor Model and can work with it independently.
  • Participants are familiar with the persolog Personality Factor Model Discovery Steps and can deploy them.
  • Participants are familiar with the persolog basic training, can perform it independently with their customers and adapt it to the needs of their target group.

ContentsCertified trainer

  • Design of a seminar on the persolog Personality Factor Model
  • Background to the Model’s theory
  • Interpretation exercises on the various Discovery Steps
  • Familiarization with the seminar script and the background information on the basic model on the basis of the trainer’s handbook
  • Familiarization with various possibilities for adapting the Model and the various products for doing this
  • Familiarization with the computer-supported evaluation functionality and its applications
  • Basic knowledge of statistics and research on the Model
  • History of the Profile


The theory and background to the model are explained and deepened by means of lectures. This is further reinforced through proven exercises and case studies, group work, self-study and partner exercises, complemented by brief presentations, feedback by the presenter and the group, work with computer-supported software and exercises.

Advantages of the certification

The persolog® academy

With certification you gain access to the online learning platform eport and to
the persolog® Online Profiles (, as well as to advanced offers of the persolog®
academy. Build on your certification and qualify specifically for the following
main topics:

  • Leadership
  • Advanced Sales
  • Coaching
  • Young people with personality

Facilitative material for trainers

The facilitative material for trainers consists of three volumes. Volume I contains relevant background knowledge and Volume II exercises and an elaborated trainer seminar. Volume III contains a CD with a PowerPoint
presentation for seminars and work sheets in pdf-format.

Special discount for trainers

Certified trainers are granted a discount for products puchased from persolog®

Marketing material

The trainer’s case provided contains all products for the persolog® Personality
Factor Model and marketing material as well as brochures, logos and samples
of offers.

Consulting hotline

After the training, our staff members continue to be available should you have
any questions regarding training.

Target Group

  • Trainers
  • Consultants
  • Personnel managers and coaches who bring existing skills and knowledge in the area of personality development with them.