Living Diversity

Perceive of distinction, respect and esteem for otherness

Diversity management includes both: differences between generations, genders, languages ​​and between different cultures. A simple idea, that is very complex and sensitive in their implementation. The aim is the integration of people with different ideas, values​​, communication structures and perspectives. In the foreground is the awareness of the variety of differences. This seminar will give you a sensitive handling for that.

Content:Living Diversity

  • Understanding and dimensions of diversity
  • Living and feeling cultural diversity
  • Possible definitions for the concepts of culture
  • Construction of identity
  • Basic knowledge of discrimination and their mechanisms
  • The Iceberg Model
  • Language and Racism
  • Conflicts and contacts between cultures
  • Strategies, policies and models for organizations
  • Limits and Challenges of Diversity Management


  • Knowledge of the concepts of diversity management
  • Raise awareness of your perception of other cultures
  • Self-reflection on the basis of your own cultural background
  • Methods and tools for the implementation of diversity management

Target Group:

  • Executives
  • HR managers
  • Account Manager
  • All persons interested in this topic


  • 2 Days