Option 1:

Additional users:

  • 5 additional users


  • [currencyr amount=10 from=EUR to=EGP] ([currencyr amount=10 from=EUR to=EUR|USD]) excl. VAT/Month with annual payment
    => [currencyr amount=120 from=EUR to=EGP] ([currencyr amount=120 from=EUR to=EUR|USD]) excl. VAT / year with automatic renewal.


  • Written notice at least 1 month prior to expiration.
  • Upon termination before no costs are Refunded.

Option 2:

Additional technical services (reports, support ….)

  • per hour


[currencyr amount=55 from=EUR to=EGP] ([currencyr amount=55 from=EUR to=EUR|USD]) excl. VAT
We charge separated at the end of the month.