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Mission & Vision

  • Mission & VisionToSeCo Consulting is an Austrian Company that has set itself the goal to bring success recipes from Europe into the Arab world. Quality is our mission
  • People are the most valuable resource of an organization.
  • Therefore ToSeCo Consulting has created special courses and trainings to satisfy the newest customer`s needs.
  • Living Diversity, respect, tolerance and appreciation are our most important values.
  • Our team of experts is specialized in cross-cultural training courses.
  • For behavioral analysis ToSeCo Consulting makes use of PERSOLOG learning tools. PERSOLOG is a German publisher developing scientific founded learning instruments.
  • Differences between human beings as well as cultural differences will be resolved by Austrian and German Quality.

Our international offers:

  • Certification for the PERSOLOG „Personality Factor Model“ – Train the Trainer
  • Online Profiles – Personality – Leadership – Job – Time Management – Stress Management

Who are the people acting ?

Mona Knotek-Roggenbauer Ing. Robert KNOTEK ,Ahmed Fahmy
Mona Knotek-Roggenbauer, MSc Ing. Robert Knotek  Ahmed Fahmy, BSc
Executive Director CEO / Founder International Sales Manager
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Iman Sabry Dalia Safaan - 3
Iman Sabry Dalia Saafan
General Representative
ToSeCo Egypt /
CEO and founder of
EDGE Consultants
General Representative
ToSeCo Egypt /
Partner & Head of coaching        EDGE Consultants
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